Apple iPad Didn’t Like the UK Heatwave

If you decided to use your Apple iPad in the UK heatwave over the past weekend then you might have got the message seen in the image above. This indicates that when temperatures approach 30 degrees C that using an iPad outside might not be possible.

One import iPad user said “Don’t leave iPad in the Sun… Whoops” and Jon points out that the “iPad didn’t like being used in the garden in 30 degree heat.”.

The good thing for those who still want to use their iPad in the hot sun is that here in the UK, it wont last long and we’ll be back to rain, cold and what not in no time.

The full message on the iPad simply says “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it.”

Errors were reported by Jon and James.

Via: Recombu


  1. Hahaha serves you idiots right for buying a product that hasn’t been out too long, and a product that’s utterly pointless…. haha

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