Apple iPad UI Detailed Tour

CultofMac have posted some interesting information on the Apple [AAPL] iPad and the user interface that it uses. Although a number of people have complained across the web about how it’s just a large iPod Touch, it makes you wonder if it does need to be different.

What Apple have said about the iPad is that it “improved the experience of doing every day computing tasks” ie, email, browsing and photo slideshows. This is where the iPad excels due to the larger screen. Although I can currently send emails from my T-Mobile G1, Dell Mini 9 netbook or regular laptop while on the move, that doesn’t mean it’s a streamlined process. Take the netbook for example, it’s small and takes several minutes to boot and finally load up web based outlook…. but the iPad aims to change that by providing a decent interface with quick connectivity.

So will the iPad be better for accessing and interacting while away from the desk… “Software developer Fraser Spiers has been digging through Apple’s iPad videos, pulling screenshots to take a closer look at the details of the iPad’s UI. His conclusion? It’s going to provide a very good experience not just for media consumption, but also media creation.”

As well as being good for media, it does well at other things like entering text. When a document is viewed in portrait mode for editing a tool bar is present. When rotated in to landscape mode the toolbars move out of the way leaving just the text and virtual keyboard. This is where cultofmac say the UI will be far better than what we are used to now and will simplify using a device allowing tasks to get done quicker. Check out the screen shots below of some of the UI.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


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    The title says “UI Detailed Tour”.

    Its not really detailed at all though is it…

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