Apple iPad Teardown Confirmed

We just posted about iFixit and the iPhone vs Nexus One infographic. Along with the email we received from iFixit, they also confirmed that they will be doing an Apple iPad Teardown on April 3 when the Apple [AAPL] device is launched. At the end of the email from Kyle he said…

P.S. Yes, we will be taking apart the iPad on April 3.
How could you doubt us?! (Props to you if you’re one of the few with faith in us who *have not* emailed me asking whether we’ll disassemble it). I’ll be running my technicians through screwdriver calisthenics all next week to prepare.

So there you have it, look out over on the iFixit site on April 3 to see the full Apple iPad teardown and find out exactly what’s inside the highly anticipated tablet device.

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