Apple iPad gets Screen Rotation Lock

Earlier today, Apple updated their online store to add the Apple iPad ready for pre-order on to the virtual shelves.

Along with the pre-order update that came a few features also slipped through that were just noticed now. The main one I will mention here is a screen rotation lock button that allows you to lock the screen from rotating automatically.

You might wonder why this is important, but if you have used a phone that features auto rotation and tried reading while in bed for example, the screen automatically rotates and it’s basically annoying unless you whip through the menus and turn the feature off.

Apple [AAPL] have added a physical button to the iPad that allows you to lock the screen with just the push of a button allowing you to be in control of the screen’s orientation.

Although it’s just a small feature, it’s still a handy feature and very welcomed to make the user experience that little step better.

Other features in the update pages at Apple include a way to rotate the audio and switch both channels to one ear should you want to listen with 1 ear, or perhaps have a problem with hearing in one ear.

iBooks was also mentioned and found to be not included on the Apple iPad as default. Instead, users can visit the app store and download the application if they want it.

We’ll post other details as we find them.

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