Apple iPad to go on Sale March 26 – Rumour

We are hearing rumours about the release date of the Apple iPad being March 26. No official data has been provided by Apple [AAPL] just yet although people close to sources have heard that it goes on sale at 6pm Friday evening (March 26). The rumour also goes on to say that those lining up for the iPad (ie, those who camp out) will also receive a special gift.

When the iPhone launched it followed a similar pattern in that it became available at 6pm on Friday June 29 in 2007 although no free gifts were handed out at this time.

The rumoured date is for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad as the 3G version won’t be shipping for another 30 days after March 26, so if you want the fully fledged model you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Geeky-Gadgets also received a tip recently on the UK launch saying it had been moved in to April although it is expected to be early April and running at a cost of £389 which isn’t too bad at all. Perhaps the 26th March is a world-wide date though. We’ll find out officially in the next few weeks.

Via: Wired

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