Apple iPad Queue Already Started

In NYC a queue for the Apple iPad has started… even though it’s more than a day away. The first person in-line is a guy called Greg Packer who incidentally was the same guy who sat 1st in line for the iPhone a few years ago.

The line has started and we hear there aren’t too many iPad’s going on sale, so if you want one you’ll need to get there and queue up behind him asap, or find another store to go to. Hopefully you did the sensible thing and just pre-ordered one online about 3 weeks ago and if so, it will be delivered right to your door this Saturday assuming you get Saturday UPS deliveries in your area.

So is he a mad man? or would you queue for 3 days for a product like the iPad? It certainly takes some dedication!!

The video below was captured by Zoltan Kaprinkay who is visiting NYC from Hungary to get his hands on an iPad this weekend.

Via: GG and TechCrunch

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