Apple iPad to get Printing Support

Although the iPad has proved successful for Apple [AAPL], there are still a number of complaints which range from there being no camera to no flash support and on to no printing support. The latter of these has now been addressed by Steve Jobs himself.

One guy decided to email Steve Jobs and ask him direct why the Apple iPad had no printing support to which Steve Jobs answered in his classic one liners, “It will come”.

Although this tells us nothing about release dates and how it will happen, at least it appears that something is in the pipeline for printing support on the Apple iPad.

It could be that Apple are planning on adding the feature when iPhone OS 4.0 gets released for the iPad later this year, but right now all is just speculation other than Steve himself saying that it will come.

Of course the email could have been spoofed, so we will never know 100% until Apple make an official announcement, but to be honest there’s no real incentive to someone faking a reply to a simple question about printing support.

Via: MacRumors


  1. sticker printing says

    Well i heard steve saying “It will come”. but still i am waiting for the service. iwork in ipad does not have this facility yet. Now when will Mr. jobs look into it further.

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