Apple iPad Could get Pressure Sensitive Drawing App

The Apple iPad screen doesn’t support pressure-sensitivity. It merely just knows when your finger touches the screen and acts accordingly.

Thanks to the smart people at Ten One Design this could soon change. The company has managed to build a private function call that allows a special pen to be used with varying degrees of pressure. When pressing down harder the line you draw gets darker and when pressing lightly the line is more faded.

The problem here though is that the company had to use a private function call which basically means it won’t be approved by Apple [AAPL] unless Apple decide to allow it in to iOS as standard.

Ten One of course hopes that Apple will see what the app can do and some how work with them to include the private function call in to the UIKit, but for now we wont be seeing this app soon and as they want to work with Apple here, I doubt they will release it for jailbroken iPads either.

An interesting feature on the app is the ability to disable regular input from your palm. When resting your palm on the device it wont be recognised allowing you to more comfortably draw.

Check out the video below that shows the app in action. It’s very impressive!

Update: According to the developer, the delay seen on-screen is due to a software issue they had at the time of filming… it isn’t a limitation of the iPad or the application and is more real-time from what they say.

Via: Technabob

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