Apple iPad available for Pre-Order in UK

Apple [AAPL] has opened up pre-orders in the UK for the Apple iPad as announced recently. Prices for the iPad start at £429 including VAT for the lowest spec model that has wi-fi only and 16GB of storage. The top price is £699 that will get you the 64GB iPad with Wireless and 3G connectivity.

If pre-ordered in time (ie, before May 28 and before pre-orders are out of stock) then you will get the iPad on Friday May 28.

As well as launching pre-orders for the iPad, Apple has also given prices for all mobile networks who will be offering iPad plans. This includes Vodafone, O2 and Orange. Prices can be found below…

When pre-ordering the Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G model, you are first asked what network you want a microSIM for. There are three networks where each are charging 20 pence for the microSIM card for some bizarre reason. Although 20p isn’t a lot, it’s still odd there is a charge (unless that’s a special “Apple charge”). Either way, the plans are as follows…

O2 iPad Tariffs

Daily access – 500MB – £2.00
1GB/month £10.00
3GB/month £15.00

O2 plans can be activated on the iPad (and we assume deactivated if needed) just like the AT&T plans.

Orange iPad Tariffs

Daily Access – 200MB – £2.00
1GB/week £7.50
3GB/month £15.00
10GB/month £25.00

Orange require that you call them to activate the service plans, and I guess call them to deactivate which could be a bit of a downside. If you require the extra transfer though that O2 do not yet offer then it looks like Orange could be a good option.

Vodafone iPad Tariffs

250MB per month £10.00
5GB per month £25.00

Just like Orange, Vodafone require you call them to activate/deactivate tariffs. Vodafone pricing is almost similar to Orange for the larger 5GB plan at £25/month but note that there is no inbetween plan of 3GB like the other two networks.

You can pre-order your Apple iPad today over at the Apple store. Will you be getting an iPad? or are they too over priced in the UK? One thing to note is that pricing in the US for example is $499 ex TAX where as in the UK it’s £429 including TAX and out tax does add a bit of a premium on to the price.

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