Apple iPad Orders made before June 7 will get $30 Unlimited Plan

AT&T [T] earlier this week decided it would be fun to scrap the $30 unlimited plan as of June 7 and start offering a 2GB plan for $25/month. For those using mobile phones is might not seem like too much of a bad deal. I use my iPhone quite a bit and have only just racked up 2GB of data in the last couple of months. However, for iPad owners where the data usage is expected to be more this is quite a blow for some.

We know that Apple [AAPL] recently changed the shipping date of the iPad to June 7 which some thought was part of a sneaky plan to stop the $30 unlimited plan being purchased, however, AT&T has now said that anybody pre-ordering an iPad before June 7 will still be allowed to use the unlimited plan even if their iPad doesn’t land until the changes to $25/2GB plans are made.

To grab yourself the $30 unlimited data plan all you need to do is make sure you pre-order your Apple iPad 3G by 11:59pm on June 6.

Note that there is a downside for having the unlimited plan though in that if you use it on your iPhone and want to use tethering then you basically cannot as the unlimited plan doesn’t allow it, hence forcing you on to the $25/month 2GB plan.

Via: Engadget


  1. Nicholas Scalice says

    Wow, I purchased my iPad the day before the announcement was made to kill the unlimited plan. I hope AT&T rebounds from their network woes in the future, because without a good high-speed network to run on, half the fun of the iPad is lost. Yes, we all have our wi-fi hotspots, but seriously, we can’t rely on just pockets of connectivity here and there. Great article!

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