Apple iPad Could Kill of in-flight Movies

The CIO of Jetstar believes that the Apple iPad could eventually replace in-flight entertainment systems. By giving passengers an iPad to use (ie, renting it out), it allows them to watch movies, browse the web (internet not confirmed) and interact more with a large screen device.

“A lot of airline customers do this now with iPods [and] MP3 players; however, the usage take-up was limited by size of the screens,” he said.

This interview was first uploaded to the web on January 29 by ZDNet.

We now hear that this is actually happening and that Jetstar over in Australia will be renting out Apple iPads for about $8.40 USD a time on flights over 90 minutes in length.

The trials are also starting very soon as in the next 2 weeks and will run for 2 weeks to see how it goes and if there is any interest there. What isn’t clear is how the iPad will be configured. From what we understand it will run some custom apps for people to use which will include books, music, movies and other interesting things. What isn’t clear also is if internet connectivity will be included. Hopefully it will be, but I suspect at the $10 AUD rental price it won’t be included in the price.

Would you rent an iPad for your flight if the option was there?

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