Apple iPad InvisibileSHIELD from ZAGG Announced

When buying a touchscreen device it’s often the case that people want to protect the shiny screen and casing of the device. With the launch of the Apple iPad just around the corner, ZAGG have created the Apple iPad invisibleSHIELD.

InvisibleSHIELDs are protectors that you attach to your portable devices. They are completely transparent and help protect the iPad and other devices from minor scratches that occur from day to day usage. Each invisibleSHIELD is made from military grade patented material making it both durable and strong.

Since invisibleSHIELDs launched over 7 million of them have been sold showing that they are welcome accessory to any mobile device for those wanting to protect their investment.

Two versions of invisibleSHIELD are being sold for the Apple [AAPL] iPad with the first option covering the front side of the device, ie the screen. The second option is the full body protection that includes a set of transparent shields for the front, back and sides of the device. Finally the back coverage has been designed for those who first purchased the screen cover, but then device they wanted to cover the back of the device also.

The invisibleSHIELD costs $34.99 for the full body version and $24.99 each for the front or back version.

Via: Hardwaresphere

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