Apple iPad International Shipment Notifications Starting to Arrive

Just a quick heads up for those who have ordered an Apple iPad in the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and a few other countries who are expecting deliveries next week. Apple [AAPL] is now pushing out notifications that shipments are starting.

For those who ordered on May 10 or 11, before the shipping date changed to June 7, you should be getting notification in the next 24/48 hours or so with details of the delivery if you haven’t received details already.

Let us know if you see any delays, or if you are getting shipment notifications.



  1. I’ve not had an email notification yet, but if I check my order online, the status has changed to Shipped. No estimated delivery date though.

  2. Stephane Cote says

    well i ordered on the same day “May 10, 2010 at 07:16 AM PDT” but i have yet to receive my notification.. maybe tomorrow?

  3. Received my notification of dispatch on Saturday – to be delivered on the 28th (or before! 🙂

  4. Got my dispatch e-mail yesterday

  5. Text and email confirmation just arrived today (Sunday) – says its shipped – wahoo!

  6. Stephane Cote says

    mine still says not yet shipped :\ i thought i ordered early @ 7:00 am lol

  7. Got my notification for my ipad and my case yesterday! W00t!

  8. Got my email notification. Will arrive on or before the 28th. Probably on the 28th though if their US shipping policy is anything to go by. They shipped to the couriers early, and gave strict instructions to deliver on the day.

    Still exciting though. Looking forward to using the 50 ipad apps I’ve bought!

  9. I orederd mine on May 10th but it still says NOT YET SHIPPED and also haven’t got an email from Apple.

    • It seems like they are working through them based on what time they were ordered. Mine came in late last night and was ordered at 7:45am GMT on Monday 10.

  10. Got my Shipping Confirmation yesterday, say that my IPAD has shipped and expected delivery on or before the 28th May.

  11. Same for Italy…
    I received my notification from that the package was dispatched yesterday with UPS and will be delivered NOT later then the 28th. 🙂
    Hopefully it goes as quick as there usual order does. When I ordered the appleTV it arrived 2 days after dispatch.

  12. I ordered mine at 1am on Monday 10th (yes, I stayed up) and mine hasn’t been dispatched yet – order screen just says ‘Not Yet Shipped’ – a bit concerned as it’s been a very long four month wait!

  13. Yes mine also says that it was shipped on the 22nd, but where from and where it is now I have no idea, it wont tell you the courier.

    I would have hoped that preorders should be shipped to arrive by at least the day before the 28th, we have all paid for it in advance after all, would hate to get it last thing on friday when they have been selling out of the shops for a full day by that point.

    • My order tells me that TNT is the courier. It will probably be TNT for your order if you are in the UK. I also hope that it arrives earlier rather than later. If you go to you can enter the 9 digit consignment number found on your Apple order page in to the box although at the moment it doesn’t look like mine has been scanned in to TNT’s system just yet.

  14. It’s very odd. I didn’t order mine until 1pm on the 11th, and yet mine was shipped on the 22nd. I am in the UK and it does say that TNT is the courier, yet the delivery reference doesn’t work at the moment for tracking, but this will probably be updated in a day or two.

    Funny though, I just tried checking the order on the Apple site and some information is missing from the order that was there earlier, such as the expected delivery date, and link to further details on the order and courier. It still says that it’s been dispatched, so I’m not worried really. It’d be nice if it got here before Friday, but like I said, the US iPads were dispatched to couriers the week before, and Apple paid them handsomely to ensure that they were all delivered on launch day. I’m sure the same will happen here.

    I wish they’d hurry up and release Pages and iBooks on the App Store though! I don’t want to be caught in the rush on Friday if they don’t come out till then.

  15. Mine was ordered on May 10, 2010 at 06:03 AM PDT and this morning my status has updated to: Prepared for Shipment PAD WI-FI 64GB-CAN Ships: Delivers by May 28th.

  16. Received Dispatch mail today, Monday the 24th. Ordered on the 11th. Have a courier’s slip at house saying ‘sorry we missed you, out for re-delivery tomorrow’, but it’s a london city courier, not TNT?! It’s probably something else and i’m wetting myself over nothing!

  17. I got mine this morning. It’s coming directly from Shenzen, China. Can’t wait.

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