Apple iPad i-Luv Speaker Bar

i-Luv have created a speaker bar that can function with an Apple iPad (when launched). The bar is simply an external speaker that hooks up to a 3.5mm jack socket and allows a whole range of devices to be connected up to it.

The i-Luv speaker is called the iSP150 and it is powered by 4 AAA batteries.

The Bar Speaker costs $34.99 and is available now on the i-Luv website.

i-Luv Bar Speaker Features

Ideal for iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptops, and other portable audio devices with 3.5mm jack
· Powerful built-in speakers allow you to hear your music with depth and clarity
· Fully mobile; perfect for travel
· Supports 2 power sources
o USB (5V DC)
o 4 x AAA batteries
· Built-in power switch and volume control


  1. Batterie Externe iPhone 3 says

    I just want some exciting cases that are as awesome … My accessory of choice would be extended batteries that don’t make the phone look like a flat grenade, so it may not be as extended as the “grenade batteries” it would be nice to see more battery life

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