Apple iPad Flash Problems partially solved by Brightcove

The Apple iPad lacks flash as you are probably already aware of. That does upset a number of people who want to use a larger screen tablet device to browse the web and yet, they see boxes asking for Flash to be installed.

A number of companies are switching video content over to use the new HTML5 specification that allows videos to play back in the browser (including the iPhone and iPad browser).

Brightcove are getting in on this by creating software that websites can use to play Brightcove videos which use the HTML5 spec and can work on devices such as the Apple iPad and iPhone.

The software uses auto-detection and can switch over the video to be compatible if it recognises the device cannot use flash.

The Brightcove solution will also work on Android based phones too opening up even more people to use Brightcove for a solution. The solution that they provide actually works now on the iPhone and of course, the iPad when it arrives this Saturday.

Right now it works in a basic form which can just play content although the company plan on adding all the features of the flash player when by the end of this year it will be at a point where there will only be very little difference in what the flash vs HTML5 player can accomplish.

It’s an interesting step forwards and one welcomed by many so that they can rid the pesky blue square asking for a flash install once and for all. Of course that depends on how many companies choose to use Brightcove though.

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  1. John Dowdell says

    … and there are a lot more devices than just one brand, too…. 😉


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