Apple iPad DODOcase

If you are looking for a unique case for your Apple iPad then check out the DODOcase. The case is hand made over in San Francisco and designed to look similar to the Moleskine notepads, but hold the iPad inside rather than paper.

Each DODOcase is built using traditional book making methods with the outer cover being cut from boards. The rounded boards are cut to a size to be able to cover the iPad. High quality cloth is then used to be the cover of the iPad case after which, the boards and cover is hand put together and glued in to place to form the outer casing.

Mix that with a bamboo surrounding where the iPad squeezes snugly inside and you have one very nice looking case as demonstrated on the video below.

Each case costs $49.95 and the company ship internationally as well. However, as the cases are hand made, there is a 4 – 6 wait for delivery although looking at the quality and style of the DODOcase, it’s well worth the wait.

Via: CrunchGear


  1. Yes, this is one of the better iPad cases around. The only downtime is the waiting period of 4-6 weeks before shipment though it’s definitely worth the wait. 🙂

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