Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit Unboxed

The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit is now being delivered. Jerrod H decided to post a few unboxing pictures to show exactly what’s in the box and what you can expect to be using the kit for.

The Camera Connection Kit comes with a paor of dongles that convert the 30 pin dock connector in to a USB connection. One of the dongles is home to an SD card reader while the other is a USB adapter allowing you to connect your camera up to the iPad.

Although USB is opened up on the iPad, it still is restricted to do exactly what it says in that you can transfer pictures from either an SD card or from a camera direct.

It will be interesting to see if the USB connector somehow gets hacked to be capable of a little bit more other than copying pictures and movies over.

The interface does look basic and functional simply showing you what images are on the memory card or camera and allowing you to copy files over. Also the option to delete when transferred is given should you need to empty your memory card while on the road.

The rest of the images can be found over on Twitpic which show screen shots of the application in use that copies images over. Links are here, here and here.

Via: Wired

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