Apple iPad Book Store to get 30,000 Free eBooks

When the Apple iPad launches next week, the launch will also see 30,000 free eBooks in the US. The free eBooks come from the Gutenberg Project that has a library of books whose copyright has now expired.

Steve Jobs made comment earlier this week that said iBookstore would offer free eBooks although the amount of books and where they came from were not said.

From this information revealed we find out that 30,000 eBooks will be made available. For those out of the US the book selection might differ even to the point of not getting free books at all as each country has different copyright terms which could mean a book free in the US is not classed as such in the UK.

The Gutenberg Project is billed as the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks. Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971 and the project is now assisted by thousands of volunteers who help digitise the books.

It will be interesting to see what is on offer next week when the Apple iPad launches, if iBook store follows at launch. Perhaps we will be left waiting a little while before the paid section of the library deals are all worked out. [MacWorld]


  1. I’m waiting for the ipad to hit the stores in Canada but want to know more about books that will be available to read on it. Although Project Guttenberg is a good site for those who want to read older books, will newer books be available for purchase. As an idea, I love the books on the Sony ebook store, they’re more up to date authors and their prices are quite reasonable. I can’t see paying $15 for an ebook when I can go to the bookstore and purchase the same paperback for $10 or less. Just wondering what the pricing will be like and the selection. With an ipad, will we be able to purchase books from other venues ie: Sony ebook store or just from specific places on the web?

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