Apple iPad App Store on Video

Yes, there’s going to be plenty of Apple iPad news this week although we’ll try keep it to just 2 or 3 per day out of the 20 or so news items per day we post… at least we hope to keep it to just that.

The next bit of info we have spotted shows someone browsing through the Apple iPad app store looking through the various HD and iPad applications that they are revealed as being named as.

Not much works in the app browser although the user can flick through applications and select them to view a write up of what the application is about. However, a number of the buttons do not work which includes the ability to Sign In, Redeem or use Support.

The screenshots do show some quite impressive applications though such as Twiteriffic where the larger screen gives the application a far better user experience.

Video below..

Via: MacStories and Pocket-Lint

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