Apple iPad 3G Sold out in 49 of 50 Stores

On Friday the Apple iPad 3G went on sale in the US. With in the three day launch weekend it appears that most of the stock has been sold out.

This information comes from Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, a company that analyse Apple [AAPL] and give estimates on sales. The 49 out of 50 stores out of stock came from a selection of stores that were called with 49 of them saying they were out of stock by Sunday afternoon.

Estimations show that over 300,000 iPad 3G models were sold this weekend which includes pre-ordered units and those that sold in store.

It is unclear at the moment how many iPads in total have been sold so far. But with 500,000 being mentioned in the first week of the iPad WiFi launch and the estimated 300,000 iPad 3G purchases along with three weeks in between, it appears that Apple may have sold over 1 million units.

Lets hope the iPad still ships as planned in May internationally.

Via: CNN


  1. Well…what was the 1 of 50 that had one?

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