Apple iPad 3G Roaming Costs to Drop with MAXRoam microSIM

When taking any mobile phone or 3G connected device abroad, the roaming costs can get very scary, very quickly. Bills in to the hundreds of pounds can be stacked up with in a few days if you’re not careful.

This will be also true for the Apple iPad 3G if you intend to take it abroad and use the 3G services with your own microSIM card then you might be in for a shock.

A company called MAXRoam are now offering a microSIM that can be used across Europe where they are offering 50MB of data for ‚¬75. When you pay ‚¬75 for the microSIM you get 50MB free to use anywhere in Europe and once the data is used you just need to pay ‚¬75 more for another 50 megabytes. The Vodafone website says 50MB of data is good for about 4 hours of browsing, but doesn’t include streaming and downloading large files for example.

The downside on the MAXRoam microSIM is that Vodafone actually appear to be a little cheaper charging £9.99/50MB for data across many countries in Europe with each subsequent 50MB costing £9.99.

Data is an expensive thing to use in other countries when roaming, so before you choose any plan make sure you do your research first by checking the three providers in the UK (note: O2 do not do data roaming on the iPad SIM currently), and check to see which gives you the best deal for what you need. Sometimes that could mean picking up a local SIM although just make sure you choose one with a dataplan as not all PAYG SIM’s abroad come with dataplans included.

The MAXRoam iPad microSIM can be found over here.

Via: TechCrunch

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