Apple iPad 2 With Retina Display, 2 Cameras and FaceTime Hinted

The Apple iPad 2 release date is expected to be 1 year from the original iPad release date, making it early April 2011. We continue to hear rumours about what will be included in the iPad 2 such as a second dock connector on the landscape side, a better screen, more RAM, smaller screen etc…

Some features that we expect to see include some kind of Retina Display, perhaps not with that title but at least a screen with a pixel density that matches the current Retina Display. We think the screen size will stay the same. We think one camera (perhaps 2) might be included with the front facing camera specifically being used for FaceTime calls. A 3 axis gyro is also a possibility. Basically, you only need to look at how the iPhone advances and then attach that technology to the iPad… and then extra technology is then attached back to the next gen iPhone and so forth.

Some of these “ideas” are starting to get backed up by sources though. From what we here from Economy Daily News is that it will have the following…

– Video phone
– New display technology
– 3-axis gyroscope
– Better mobility
– USB connectivity

Out of all that list, the only one I’d perhaps think twice about is the USB connectivity. Is Apple ready to drop the standard dock connector and use a regular connection? Not sure.

Also, Better Mobility probably indicates a thinner and lighter device, perhaps a carbon fiber back we mentioned earlier, along with a CDMA-GSM chip allowing it to work on more networks.

The announcement will probably occur in March 2011, so we still have a few more months of rumours to think about first before getting the finer and real details of the device.

Via: Pocket Lint and Digitimes

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