Apple iPad 2 Release Date: End of Q1 2011 – Rumour

Another rumour is going around about the iPad 2 release date. We have heard previously that a new iPad will be launched in November this year, then it was December and now it is end of Q1 2011.

Most people expect that Apple [AAPL] will release the iPad 2 based on how the iPhone and iPod touch gets updated, which is generally yearly. This would make it an early April launch for the iPad 2 which means Digitimes isn’t that far out with it’s guess.

Digitimes have suggested Q1 as the shipping date which could mean the iPad 2 arrives early although we still think Apple will stick to a yearly cycle and launch early April 2011.

The reason Digitimes suggested this date is thanks to some information about the screen which is being prepared now. The screen is said to measure 9.7 inches just like the current iPad although it isn’t clear if the new screen will use a retina display, or just carry on as it is.

Other features expected in the new iPad include front and back facing cameras, more RAM although we expect it will keep the same form factor this time around.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. Then that is far too late. The Xmas money would have been spent by then. If they want to move those things it needs to come out before xmas

  2. If it comes out for xmas I will buy. if not then too bad and I will not buy until the earliest 2012. Perhaps they should take note that a depression is here and most people will have no money after spending what little money they have for xmas. Even the richeees are penny pinching. Your call Apple.

  3. If they tell you it is coming in dec, sales of current ipad will come to a stop now…

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