Apple iPad 2 Could Get Camera

Update: This is probably just a copy/paste error from iPhone documents although it is still believed that an iPad 2 is being worked on and it will likely contain a camera. Original post below…

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Apple [AAPL] launched the iPad and already the second generation model is being looked forwards to. It is expected that Apple will launch a new iPad next year and follow on like the iPhone in terms of a yearly product release.

What we can expect from the iPad 2 is a follow on from the iPhone 4 in that it will feature a front facing camera, a retina display (of course a higher res than it currently is due to the larger screen) with perhaps sensors such as a gyroscope built in. Design wise, we suspect Apple will keep the same design for a couple of generations.

In regards to the camera rumour, AppleInsider has found information in the iPad management profile policies that indicate the camera can be disabled… which indicates if the ability to disable it is there then the ability to enable it in future generations is also possible.

Apple’s configuration profile tools for iOS devices include a variety of settings and restrictions that companies can impose to regulate how the devices are used and to configure services such as VPN and wireless networking access or email, calendar and directory services.

We agree of course that the current iPad doesn’t have a camera that can be disabled (quite an obvious one there), but because the option is there it indicates that Apple are looking at adding a camera in to the second gen iPad.

It’s certainly interesting to find gems of information like this although we still have maybe 8 or so more months before Apple “might” introduce the second generation device.

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