Apple iOS 5.1 Ready for Developers – New iPhone and iPad Referenced

Apple [AAPL] has seeded a new version of iOS to developers. iOS 5.1 launched last night and brings a few bug fixes as well as a few small features to the operating system. Also, we hear from 9to5Mac that an iPhone 5 and iPad 3 can now be found in the code.

The screenshot above shows a slight change to how the location services icon works. A new version with just a border appears when the iPhone has a geofence. Another change also allows you to select if you want to download iTunes Match data over a cellular network.

As well as the above “new” additions, Apple has also added a number of bug fixes in to iOS 5.1 which includes an error with Newsstand which caused it to crash under certain conditions. Also, iCloud related changes have been made as well as tweaks to game center and the music app.

Overall, it’s not much of a 5.1 update and probably should have been labelled 5.0.2 (or 3) unless Apple has a few secrets that will be unleashed closer to the 5.1 release date.

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