Apple Instructs Store Employees to Complete iCloud and iOS Training by End of September

A few weeks ago some details about internal training on iOS 5 and iCloud for retail staff were found. We now hear that Apple is instructing that employees complete this training by the end of September.

The training covers the “proper use” of iOS 5 and iCloud so that when launch date arrives each member of staff will be fully qualified to show exactly how the new OS and web based service works.

While Apple is tight lipped about upcoming product plans even amongst its retail staff, these corporate managers are making a point of telling Apple Store employees to get their RetailMe courses on iOS 5 and iCloud done by the end of September.

The service used to train Apple staff internally is called RetailMe and is used to provide information on new products launching soon.

We still don’t know when the iPhone 5 release date is, but as Apple is believed to be encouraging staff to be fully trained by the end of the month a launch of early to mid-October seems likely.


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