Apple iMac Touch Patent Found

Apple [AAPL] could be launching a new iMac called the iMac touch. This information comes from a patent that was found that shows an iMac being used with both a touchscreen and a keyboard as represented in the drawings above and below.

The patents also suggest that Apple could be using a dual mode OS system where OS X is used when the screen is upright and iOS when the touch interface is enabled.

Imagine having an iMac on your desktop one minute and a gigantic iPad the next. Imagine playing iGames on this dream machine – Wow! Imagine reading a double-page book on this – Unbelievable! Apple takes the mystery out of how OS X could finally co-exist with iOS on a Mac and you’ve got to see this one to believe it.

It appears that the system will work with accelerometers built in to the screen. When it detects the angle of screen change to a flatter plane, it could automatically enable iOS to use with the touch interface. We assume at this point that manually switching between the two would also be possible.

It’s certainly an interesting patent with a good bit of detail revealing what’s happening in the next few years (or perhaps even months if a previous report is to be believed.

Via: Patently Apple and Tipb

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