Apple Hires iOS 5 Concept Designer

Apple [AAPL] is always looking to improve the UI on it’s iOS devices. Although what they have created works well in most cases, there’s always room for improvement. Each time we see a concept UI idea, particularly from Jan-Michael Cart, we always think there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Good news is that Apple has hired Jan-Michael as an intern for seven months. Jan-Michael has created a number of Youtube videos that show some simple design tweaks to make iOS a little better.

Jan-Michaels work might start appearing in iOS over the course of the next year. We don’t expect to see any dramatic UI changes as Apple is sticking with what works relatively well. However, what we do expect to see is small changes here and there such as more friendly notifications rather than full screen interruptions. One example shared in a video (linked above) shows an incoming call using the notification bar rather than stopping an app and using the full screen. Small changes like these make smartphones even better to use.


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