Apple Grows Rapidly – Buys HP Campus in Cupertino

Apple [AAPL] is growing at a rapid pace, so much so that Steve Jobs has commented that the Cupertino HQ is bursting at the seams…

“we now occupy 57 buildings in Cupertino and our campus is bursting at the seams. These offices will give us more space for our employees as we continue to grow.”

Apple has now purchased the HP campus in Cupertino (as seen in the map below). The expansion allows for Apple to continue to grow at the rapid pace they have been over the last few years. The price is rumoured to be around the $300 million mark although a sluggish economy could have allowed Apple to pay a lot less.

Apple hasn’t announced what it plans to do with the land just yet although it is expected to tie it together with a purchase of land made in 2006 to create a new and larger complex of buildings.

Via: Apple Insider and GG

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