Apple Fixture Installation at Best Buy Hints at iPhone 5 BB Release Date

A leaked shot of a Best Buy schedule has been found which shows that an “Apple Fixture Installation” will be happening on October 21 over at Best Buy. The installation will begin at 6am with the manager required to be onsite that morning. A typical installation, we have heard, does not require a manager to be there. Interestingly enough, the instructions also follow that of the iPhone 4 launch at Best Buy which could not be a hint as to when the iPhone 5 will be arriving, at Best Buy of course.

Another bit of information also found by Thisismynext also says that a mobile managers meeting will be held on October 10th with the purpose of discussing big release dates.

Although nothing is set in stone with this information, it’s certainly a good date to be aware of should you be planning on selling your old iPhone 4 (or 3) to make way for a new smartphone.

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