Apple File TouchScreen Patent for Next Gen iPhone and Mac-Tablet

A new patent was published yesterday morning that shows an insight what Apple could be coming up with for the next few months. The title of the image above indicates that the next gen iPhone could have an advanced touchscreen. Also the patent indicates that iPod Touch and MacBooks as well as a MacBook tablet device are also to be included in this.

‘Apple’s patent generally relates to displays having pixels that include capacitive elements, and more particularly to displays in which capacitive elements of the pixels that form part of the display system that generates an image on the display also form part of a touch sensing system that senses touch events on or near the display.”

Some of the more interesting points of the patent discuss dual-function capacitive elements for each pixel that could see pixels acting as LCD elements as well as touch sensors thus allowing for thinner screens as well as brighter screens.

With the launch of the iSlate possibly being announced towards the end of this month we could certainly see some interesting things happening this year.

The patent application number is 20100001973.

Via: PatentlyApple and 9to5Mac

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