Apple File Intrusive Ads Patent

bill-ipod-clickthroughReports of a new approved patent that Apple [AAPL] filed have been found recently. The patent discusses ads which require users to interact with a device by perhaps acknowledging they have read the ad, or performing some action. NYT seems to think it will take us back 10 years by forcing ads upon a user, but on the other hand, Fake Steve Jobs indicates we could look at it a different way in that users pay a small nominal fee for watching TV for example… ad free.

Rather than quoting various articles from FSJ and NYT, it would be worth you take a read and make up your own opinions on this.

One thing to remember is that it is just a patent which doesn’t exactly guarantee they will do anything with it, but it does have Steve Jobs name on it and to create it took some amount of time to think about it which probably means they are thinking of implementing it. It will be interesting to watch and see what Apple have up their sleeves on this one.

NYT, FSJ Via: AppleTell

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