Apple Event Live Stream Announced

Apple [AAPL] will be holding the Back to the Mac event in a couple of hours time. They have now announced that the event will be live streamed. THe stream will be available on the Apple website.

The stream, as it has done the past few times, will go live a few moments before the event starts. Also, as usual, the Apple Live Stream will require that you have an Apple device to play it back such as a Max OS X computer or an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Those with Windows based computers, you’re out of luck.

It isn’t fully clear what will be revealed at todays event, but the Lion in the logo up above indicates a new version of OS X (10.7) and we also hear that a couple of new MacBook Air laptops will be announced.

We’ll have all the details as they go live.

Via: 9to5Mac

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