Apple Dead Pixel Policy for iPhone, iPad and Other Screens Leaked

Leaked information has revealed the Apple dead pixel policy for those with any Apple device with a screen.

Items covered in the dead pixel policy are classified by screen size with 1 to 3.5 inches being the lower size all the way up to 30 inch screens.

Some interesting things to point out from the leaked dead pixel policy is that the iPhone, iPod touch and any other device with a 1 to 3.5 inch screen has a zero tolerance policy meaning that 1 dead pixel (bright or dark) is enough to have a repair or replacement done.

Moving up to the next screen size, the 9.7 inch iPad, the acceptable amount is 2 bright or 2 dark pixels. Apple [AAPL] will replace or repair if there are 3 or more dead pixels on the iPad.

On to the larger laptop and desktop screens we see that these range from 4 or more to 16 or more on the higher end.

An interesting note within the document reveals that Apple can in fact change a product that has lower dead pixels than the required amount, but if they do replace it the new model cannot be replaced. In some circumstances of bad luck, you might end up with more dead pixels, but if replaced as suggested, it wouldn’t qualify for a replacement.

Via: BGR

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