Apple Covent Garden Store Opening Tomorrow at 10am

Apple [AAPL] is opening the Apple Covent Garden Store tomorrow at 10am. The store will become the worlds largest Apple store and will be looked after by 300 staff members.

Other interesting facts about the store include it’s two glass staircases, the largest Genius bar of any Apple store, and it will hold the most stock of any store in the world.

The Covent Garden store covers three floors and has a Start Up room where Apple employees can help you configure your newly purchased gadgets.

Apple expect the new store to be a huge success and look to have invested a lot of time and money in to the building. The Wallpaper website indicates that 18 months of restoration work was done on the building to bring it up to scratch.

Eighteen months of detailed restoration have insured the very fabric of the building, dating back to 1876, has been retained and developed to subtly house Apple’s cutting edge gadgetry. Inside the three-tiered layout, a central ground floor courtyard houses a huge iron gate in one of the many elaborate archways. Bathed in natural light from the carefully installed skylight, the courtyard space has been earmarked to host daily workshops and free presentations.

The store opens at 10am tomorrow!

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. I was there at the opening this morning! Great store. Wrote a post on my company blog about it with a few pics, if interested.

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