Apple Black Friday Deals Start in Australia

Black Friday has started in Australia at the Apple store. A number of discounts can be found, a lot of them around the 10% mark on a range of products.

Some of those included are the iMac MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPod nano, iPad and the iPod touch each getting between $25 and $121 AUD knocked off the price.

Apple is only running Black Friday deals for Friday around the world, so don’t hang around too long or you could miss the sales.

Deals available here.

Via: Engadget


  1. It’s a sale but….I wouldn’t call it Black-Friday sale though lol. If other stores actually give $50 gift cards when you purchase an iPod Touch, wonder why Apple can’t slash their prices? It’s only a once-a-year event.

  2. I mean is this serious they are giving WP7 for free and android Apple thinks its special because they took the world by storm but now that storm is starting to break-up and they are bond to start making the same mistake that keep them at such a small segment of the market.

  3. Apple’s discounts are always slight. They know that the really savvy Mac/iPad/iPhone shoppers are going to go to MacMall, MacSales, and others. There are deals to be had out there, and Apple’s not going to compete with them, ever. If they do, they’re shooting their resellers in the foot.

    If you MUST have the knowledge that you bought your Apple stuff at the Apple Store (online or brick), then these are the deals you get. But anyone that wants a better deal can find one online.

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