Apple Appears to Have Approved some iOS 5 Apps

iOS 5 is currently on version beta 4 which is still a few steps away from launch. However, it appears that some apps are beginning to get approved for iOS 5. The images below show the Camera+ app and the Mashable app which both make mention of the new OS.

Normally, Apple doesn’t begin the approval process for apps right until the very end which suggests that iOS 5 apps listed above are not actually iOS 5 apps but use the iOS 4 SDK which is still approved for usage on iOS 5. This basically means that the apps will work but wont have any of the iOS 5 features built in (ie, make calls to the new APIs).

It could also mean that the two app developers had the apps approved and that developers then edited the text in the description after approval.

iOS 5 is expected to launch early to mid September. There’s still a few steps to go in the beta version as well as a few bugs to iron out, most of which should make it ready for launch soon.


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