Apple App Store Statistics Show 10 Billion Downloads

About a week ago we heard that the Apple App Store was approaching the 10 billion app download mark. Over this weekend, the 10 billionth app was downloaded.

The person who downloaded the 10 billionth app was from Kent in the UK and is called Gail Davis. The app is called Paper Glider and is a free app that simply is used to see who can throw a paper airplane the furthest.

In return for Gail (or her daughters in this case), downloading the 10 billionth app, they will get an apple app store gift card with a value of $10,000 which is about £6,250 here in the UK.

“I have to confess it wasn’t me who downloaded it but my daughters.

“It’s a game to see how far across a room you can launch a paper plane. I had no idea when Apple phoned me, I thought it was a prank and I declined to take the phone call.

“My daughters told me they had downloaded it and they knew there was a competition and that we may have won it.

“I had that moment of blind panic but Apple kindly phoned me back and said I was a winner.”

Next up we can only hope that Apple give away $100,000 for the person who downloads the 100 Billionth app in the next few years.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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