Apple App Store Try Before you Buy Added

Apple [AAPL] has added a new section to the iPhone app store called “Try Before You Buy”. The title of it makes you think that apps will come free for maybe a couple of hours or couple of days at which point you can choose not to purchase them, or choose to purchase them.

However, it’s nothing like that at all unfortunately. Instead, what you get is just a list of “Lite” apps that give you a taster of what an app is about. These types of Lite apps have been around for a while now and simply provide a single level of a game, or limited functionality allowing you to test and then upgrade to the full version if you wish to keep it.

With that in mine, the “Try Before You Buy” section is merely a way to group all the free “Lite” apps under one list.

Hopefully that didn’t get your hopes up too much as it’s a little disappointing. If that changes ever, we’ll let you know. However, we can’t see it as being something that is around the corner.

Via: Engadget

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