Apple Aperture 3 Swallows Hard Drives in One

Just last week, Apple [AAPL] launched Aperture 3 in their online store. We are now hearing reports of the application eating up whole hard drives… ie, the software has some sort of memory leak that is eating in to virtual memory that fills up the hard drive.

The problem as far as we have heard isn’t universal, in that not everybody is seeing the problems. However, a good number of users are reporting issues with importing photo libraries and then returning to crashed Mac’s or disk space warning errors.

As everybody isn’t seeing the error message, it could point to a number of things such as a conflict with another application or perhaps there is some particular hardware that Aperture doesn’t like.

Right now users are trying to figure out where the problem with some believing it to be related to the Faces recognition being the problem, although others have face recognition on and are not seeing the problem.

I am sure Apple will be working on this to get to the bottom of it and have a fix out soon, but for now, just be aware that if you are running the application it could fill up your drive although it would be temporarily.


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