Apple now Accept Cash for iPad Sales

Recently a lady in the US saved up $500 to get herself an Apple iPad. When arriving at a store she was turned away being told that to buy an iPad you could only use a debit or credit card.

When this information came out, Apple where criticised for that decision. Apple [AAPL] said in a comment that it was a system used to prevent people from buying more than 2 iPads to make getting hold of one easier for people in general – ie, a fair system.

This policy has now been changed and it is now possible to buy an iPad with cash. There is just one requirement though to do this and that is that the user must get an iTunes account in store and activate the iPad in store.

In this ladys case, the requirement to activate the iPad in store is a good thing as this was her first computer and had she not activated in store, she’d be stuck at the iTunes sync screen when first switching on the iPad.

Interestingly enough, the lady Diane Campbell actually ended up getting a free Apple iPad hand delivered by a couple of Apple store staff to apologise for the hassle.

Via: SlashGear

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