AOL Project Phoenix Webmail Service in Beta

AOL is launching a new web client for its email service. AOL indicate that 45% of its traffic is to the email services it provides.

This new information arrived just a day before Facebook is expected to launch the Facebook email service (which is now today).

The AOL service is being called Project Phoenix for now and as its in beta, it is only available to a select few users who are testing the service.

If the beta is successful then the launch will go ahead sometime in 2011 for a full rollout to all AOL users.

From what we have read, the new Project Phoenix webmail service is a little bit similar to the GMail service that Google offers. A few extra features have been added in such as a a twitter like sidebar for sending quick messages along with the ability to preview content of email.

The new platform is expected to support several AOL based email domains such as,,, and Messages from Yahoo!, Hotmail and GMail will also be merged in if the user wants that.

Invites are available and can be requested from here although we don’t know how long the waiting list and how AOL are picking names from that waiting list.

Via: Mashable and GajIt

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