Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon

Rovio Mobile has confirmed that the popular Angry Birds will be arriving on the Windows Phone 7 platform. No specific release dates have been provided for the WP7 version of the game although Rovio confirmed that they are “working on it”.

You might remember that when Windows Phone 7 was launched, a Rovio/Angry birds logo was seen on the home screen of the device. This caused problems for Rovio in that they didn’t authorise the use of it. However, they have confirmed that this is in the past now and that development of the game is running smoothly.

As well as working on the WP7 version of Angry Birds, Rovio also confirmed to Pocket Lint that a 3D version was also being created although it isn’t clear at the moment if the company is referring to a 3D version of the game as in a change from the 2D platform layout it currently uses, or if they mean it will be optimised for the 3D screen on devices such as the Nintendo 3DS and LG Optimus 3D. We’ll find out more later this year on this particular bit of news.

So, as for now, there’s no release dates for either titles other than a confirmation that Rovio is working on both.


  1. facebookguru says

    I think that a good move for angry bird lover that they can play it on Windows phone 7

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