Angry Birds Movie Could be Made

We already mentioned Angry Birds earlier today in that it has arrived on webOS devices.

We now hear that Angry Birds could be made in to a movie.

If you have been a fan one of the 6.5 million players of the Angry Bird games you might be pleased to know that the developer Rovio is currently in discussions to release TV shows, movies, toys and comic books to expand the Angry Bird franchise.

According to Variety, developers of the game and the company behind the game have been looking at various options to see where they can develop the popular brand.

The option of creating a sequel was mentioned although he says he’d rather exploit the games success than try to make another game sell as well.

We personally don’t think this will go ahead. The video has been on the Rovio site since early this year and basically is a short film summarising why the game is around and the whole plot of the game. Either way, it looks better than the Facebook movie.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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