Angry Birds for Android Racks up 2 Million Downloads

Update: Check the comments below for an update to this post. Thanks to ExtremeT of DroidGamers for the correction.

The Android Angry Birds download is proving to be popular as another 1 million Android users have downloaded the game since we reported yesterday that 1 million downloaded it over the weekend.

The Android version of the game isn’t available through the marketplace yet as its still being finalised in development, but the download you get from GetJar is free and allows you to play the full game with an almost final version of the game. When the final version does launch officially, users will be charged to get the game the usual way if they choose to get the full version.

Its certainly an impressive set of numbers for an already popular game. When the full and final version comes out as a paid app, we think a lot of people will shift over just because of the size of the updates made available. Often, 15+ levels are added along with other new features.

Via: Gizmodo


  1. Quick correction to your article. Angry Birds is available in the Android Market. Rovio released it first onto GetJar and it was supposed to be an exclusive release for a day or two before landing on the Android Market but due to the traffic, GetJar’s site went down so it was released onto the Android Market the same day, just a few hours later. So you can get it from GetJar or the Android market.

    Also the game will remain free for the full version however in a future update there will be an in-game option that you can buy to get rid of the ads. If they can’t find a good method for this they will release a paid version of the full game with no ads but it’ll be available for everyone in full form either way.

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