Angry Birds Android Beta Lands

Rovio has launched Angry Birds for Android devices. The new app is still in beta testing stages.

By porting the already iPhone/iPad successful game to Android, the company behind it allow mllions more users to potentially download and buy the game.

“And Angry Birds have landed on Android:-)” the company said, adding “If you have any problems with the Android beta, let us know. It’s a beta, so we know it’s not perfect. Help us make it better.”

The Angry Birds Android beta is available through the market. It is a Lite version of the game and allows you to test the game and report back to Rovio with any bugs and problems you come across.

Let us know if you manage to download and play the game. If so, does it work well? Just a side note… it doesn’t work on all Android devices. You’ll need to have a newer model to play it.

Via: TechRadar


  1. lee cakebread says

    HTC legend, still not advertised in the market. Any ideas?

  2. i have first get moto droid, and it works flawlessly on it

  3. first gen*

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