Android Tablets on Orange FR Arriving Soon

Orange in France will be offering Android based tablets in the near future. The tablets will be self-branded and will be launched before Christmas this year.

Price wise, the Orange Tablets will be priced at ‚¬250 and are being built by an Asian OEM which could mean Acer or MSI for example. As they will be sold by a carrier it is also expected that each of them will have 3G built in.

To get it even cheaper, you will be able to sign up for a two year 3G agreement where the price will drop from ‚¬250 down to ‚¬100 which isn’t bad at all.

We suspect that Orange might follow along in the UK and other countries with deals like this as right now there aren’t many (if any) subsidised tablets available at the moment. The iPad for example is purchased through Apple and sold SIM free where you can then get a month to month micro SIM that means no long term contract is required.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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