Android Sales in UK Rise 350 Percent

Android from Google [GOOG] is picking up quite a bit in the UK from what we are hearing today. Analysts GfK Retail and Technology is today reporting that sales of Android are up 350 percent from numbers taken in the 1st quarter.

Android’s share of the UK mobile contract market was three percent in Q1 rising to 13.2 percent in quarter two of this year.

UK Android Smartphone Sales Rise By 350 Percent during the period sales of all mobile contract phones rose by just one percent, whilst sales of Android smartphones rose by a massive 350 percent.

We suspect that the big rise is related to the amount of high end Android smartphones being launched this year. Since the launch of the Nexus One, smartphone manufacturers have really upped the game in terms of power, performance and quality of the devices.

We suspect that in the run up to Christmas that sales will continue to grow.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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