Android outselling iPhone in the US

Google [GOOG] Android smartphones are outselling the Apple [AAPL] iPhone in the US according to a recent report by analyst group Nielsen.

In terms of percentages, the number of smartphones sold this year using Google Android accounted for 27% of all smartphone sales. The Apple iPhone accounted for 23 percent of sales.

“While the iPhone has been the headline grabber over the last few years in the smartphone market, Google’s Android OS has shown the most significant expansion in market share among current subscribers,” writes Nielsen on its blog.

Although this comes as a surprise, it isn’t a huge surprise because Apple sell just the one product, ie, the iPhone. Google however just offer an operating system for many companies to install as they wish which includes the likes of HTC, Motorola, Samsung as well as many others like Sony. The variation of Android smartphones is bound to beat a manufacturer who just has the one phone with the one OS.

Other details show that in the UK the Android uptake is a little lower, but still quite impressive.

We also see that the number of people who use smartphones is on the increase. The number of people who own a smartphone has risen from 16% last year to 25% this year.

Via: TechRadar and Nielsen

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