Android OS based TVs Built by People of Lava

People of Lava is a Swedish based company who are creating a range of new TV’s. The new TVs are called Scandinavia and the variants of this model can be found.

The HDTVs come in three sizes of 42 inches, 47 inches and 55 inches and are each full HDTV sets that are capable of running full HD in 1080p. Other features include an ARM Cortex A8 processor that runs at 833MHz, HDMI port, USB 2.0 port and a DVB-T digital TV tuner built in.

One of the main features that stands out is that the TV runs the Google [GOOG] Android OS along with a custom UI called “Scandinavia Window to the World”. The OS it’s self is based around Android 1.5 and allows various things to be achieved such as playing video from YouTube as well as using Google Maps, Web Browsing a calendar and of course email.

The smaller 42 inch variant is set to be launched first with a price tag of $2,500.

It’s an odd name for a TB company, but looking at the renderings above it actually looks like it could be quite a nice TV. The CPU inside should run Android fairly smoothly although the price tag might be a little high for some.

Via: Coated

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